Review: Chester French & Clinton Sparks Presents Jacques Jams Vol.1:Endurance

I already told yall about the hottest mixtape out right now. People are putting it all over their blogs, can't stop tweeting about it-it's crazy. Should you believe the hype? In this case, hell f*cking yea! I always loved Chester French since I first heard of them and I knew they were bound for greatness. They teamed up with Clinton Sparks, one of the best mixtape/free album DJ ever (in my opinion of course), and gave the world a little sweet gift called Jacque Jams Vol.1:Endurance. These dudes went all out! When they sent out the email and did videos about them doing a mixtape, I honestly didn't think they would hit us with this. They were asking the fans to name the mixtape, I was like,"Yall can't even name the mixtape yourself-this isn't gonna be good..." But I guess they did eventually. And if you follow DA on Twitter (like moi), he always keeps you updated on CF and he's always talking to all these other artists and talking about sending them music. So I guess we can also thank Twitter for this dope mixtape.

Anywho, this mixtape is ill. It tells you the story of Chester French and how they got started and how they deal with stardom. The skits = pure comedy! Of course CF is super talented, but the guest artists was really the icing on the cake. Excuse me while I name drop a little: Diddy, Janelle Monae, Bun B, Mickey Factz, Pusha T, Wale, Solange, Talib Kweli-and mad more. Craziness!I love everything about this mixtape/free album! I can not wait for Love the Future! Chester French is the future!

Download this free album of dopeness here!
Tracks to listen to:
No Parents Allowed
I'm So Tall(my fav.)
Nerd Girl(other fav.)
Life in LA
Ciroc Star

P.S. I love doing these reviews and I really hope the artists really do get to read them and see that someone...well a true music fan loves them and their work. I hope that by me doing these reviews gives you motivation and inspiration to continue doing you. And if I do have some constructive criticism for the mixtape/album, I do it to help you grow and better your work and I'm saying it because I love what ya doing, not cause I'm hating. Forget all of those newpaper reporters and magazine blogger type people and what they say, just listen to your fans, the people who you inspire and want you to keep blessing us with great gifts of music. To future music legends who just have a MySpace page and work day and night in their studio/bedrooms and try to put their work out there, don't give up, keep your dreams alive. Don't let anyone tell you that you are lame, you can't sing or rap because, just look at all of your favorite artists now...they were once in the same position you are in now. Dreams DO come true, so believe in them......and believe in yourself.
To the artists killing it in the game right now, I'll see you at the top when I get there, save me a seat! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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