Right now...

Ima switch up my "Right Now" a little...check it out!

Right now....
I love...
+Yogurt covered pretzels!
+Asher Roth's Asleep in the Bread Aisle
+Chip Tha Ripper's Money mixtape(imeem it!)
+Heather of Herfection! She's so dope!
+Twitterville! Such a fun place to be!

I hate....well dislike strongly....
+Keri Hilson! She's a bitch!
+That show Make Me A Supermodel, bootleg Top Model
+OJ Da Juiceman-i just can't get into that!
+Gucci Man as well, never did, never will!
+"So Far Gone Fans", stop riding on Drake's dick! Yall making me sick of the hype! I love Drake and always will but DAMN!
+Rude people. Too many of them around!

I want....
+More jeans
+More Vans
+And more t-shirts! It's getting mad hot in the A!
+To go out...to somewhere besides the grocery store and school
+To see Obsessed
+To really start promoting again!

I need....
+To see Drake on May 2nd. I envy Heather right now! lol jk jk
+$$$$$$$$$$$$$$...and lots of it.
+To finish learning how to drive!
+A dope job or paid internship in a place of my interest like a magazine or record label
+Have a good enough GPA to keep my scholarship...pray for me!

Current Soundtrack of My Life include...
+There Will Be Tears-Mr.Hudson
+Okay-Big Sean, GLC, &Chip Tha Ripper
+Nerd Girl-Chester French &Janelle Monae
+I'm So Tall-Chester French, Bun B, Mickey Factz, & Talib Kweli
+Be By Myself-Asher Roth & Cee-lo
+Ringtone-Big Boi
+Boom Boom Pow (rmx)-Black Eyed Peas & Kid Cudi
+Jetpack-Phony PPL
+And as always and forver... Street Lights, Touch the Sky, & I Wonder-Mr.West!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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