So much dopeness to post...

Uhhhh, I obivously didn't post this weekend. I didn't really feel like it and Friday, I was just tired of the net. Nothing new! "Same shit, EVERYDAY!" infamous qoute by moi. Anywho, there is some much for me to post about and talk about. SO I guess the weekend was the calm before my posting storm. What did I do this weekend...cleaned...saw my crazy nieces...and tried to organize something for Mother's Day with the kids of the church. They too young to be as stressed as they are, real talk! Shout out to all my new followers on Twitter, including Stack Bundles?...don't ask, cause I don't know either! Um, hit yall with some with Fafi again as usual! What?! She's the shit! Ok, be on the lookout for some dope videos and posts on here! Tell a friend to tell a friend about The Girl They Call Es! Holla at me if you need some promo! Outtie! New ish on the way!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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