Swag Surfin'.

Swag Surfin

Excuse me while I go swag and surf a little. *getting up and walking away*....Ok, I'm done! I actually like this. I stopped getting into this "Do my Dance" craziness after Crank That Soulja Boy and Crank the Batman. It was getting to be too much. But these fellas may have something here. Why does Greg Street always gotta scream?! Anywho, ATL is at it again people, so beware! The next dance craze is coming to a club near you! I'm mad they shouted my high school though! Stephenson High Jaguars!!!!!!!! Black, Blue, and Silver all day-psych! I hated that school! lol jk jk And note to the fellas of this group, you are NOT a Polo head just cause you got a couple of Polo shirts and 2 pairs of Polo sneakers. A true definition of a Polo head=88 Keys. Google him!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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