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Let's just say, this company had me at the logo! I saw the backpack kid and was like,"This gotta be good". Of course, I found them on one of my daily "dope hunt"(its when I search for anything and everything dope) and saw the link to their blog on Fli Pelican's blog. The Freshman logo is smart and the clothes are pretty dope too. They also do women's apparel which is extra dope with a cherry on top! I feel like the company has a good write up on what the company is and what it's about and it's mission, so I'm gonna let you read that. I'm just here to spread the word of dopeness!
What does it really mean to be fresh? Is it based truly on your outfit and your accessories? Is it based on all the name brands in your wardrobe? Here at Freshman Clothing Company, we believe that being fresh is not only your appearance but it is also your state of mind. We live by one rule and one rule only, " Be Fresh Or Be Nothing At All". We offer simple but yet refreshing logos and designs in our clothing. If you pay close attention, our main logo is the "Backpack Kid". Symbolizing a freshman taking his first step towards greatness. Freshman Clothing Company started the summer of 2008. After years of hardwork, the Founder and Co-Owner Phillp "Philly Freshman" Simpson added on a new partner, Eric "El Cappy" Lowry. Eric Lowry brings new creativity and new life to the line. Ladies should be excited to know that we are launching our new female line titled FRESHER. Look for Freshman Clothing Company and Fresher in your leading clothing stores accross the Michigan area.
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That shit is hot.
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