TheGirlTheyCallEs Presents...Nefatari

Guess who got a dope female singer to tell you about? Yeah, it's me! I love fresh new talent as you may already know and my girl Nefatari is def bringing something fresh and new to the R&B game. Her music has a very cultural feel to it, makes want to shake my hips-literally. lol And the lyrics are dope hence she a singer/songwriter! I really see her doing it big in this industry!

Here's a brief bio on ya girl:

Nefatari in no stranger to the music scene. Having sung backup for Lindsay Lohan and Emma Bunton (Spice Girls), Nefatari is ready to get her feet wet as a solo artist. Already having her songs "Don't Believe Him" and "Want Him" receiving air and video play in Jamaica, Nefatari is ready to conquer the world.

Can we say "credibility"?!!! And why is America always late on dope artists? smh. And she models, dances, and acts! You know what, I'm let yall check her out for yourself!

Check out her latest single, Special Delivery. If you don't dance to this, there's something wrong with you!
Also, check out her MySpace:

Nefatari, I see you! keep doing it big!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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