"Turn Up My Radio..."

I use to be a huge radio head as a child but now with the internet and iPods and imeem, the radio is useless when it comes to just listening to music. You hear the same songs over and over again. It like,"Ok, I get it! I'll buy their damn album! sike!". There are trillions of songs that they can play on the radio but the play the same 20 songs over and over-it makes me hate the radio! And I know, there's XM radio and shit, but that's money that ya girl don't have! And why should it even come to that? Sooner or later, radio won't even exist. So I'm building up a list of songs that I think should be on the radio. Some songs are brand new and others are olddies but goodies. So if you can think of any songs for me to add to the list, post a comment on this post. I will add them to the list. I only got like 15 songs so far, but I know there's plenty more to be added. Check out the list so far and then tell me songs to add.

I be on the hotline, like err'day
Makin' sure the DJ know what I want him to play
You know I got my top back and my beat low
Rockin' my stunna shades and turnin' up my radio
-Beyonce's Radio

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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