Tyga Bop.

Awwwwwwwwwww shit! Before we talk about Tyga, whoever did the muthafuckin' beat-props! Real talk! Yall know, I'm such a beat freak! lol Ok, now about Tyga. Tyga killed it! Did you except anything thing less? He's dope you people! I saw this on HipHopDX and I like to read the comments, especially when it comes to artists like Drake, Asher, Cudi and Tyga because I feel like they recieve too much hate for no effin' reason and the comments are reall opinions unlike WorldStarHipHop where it's just a much as stupid ass children reppin' their state! And below this freestyle, someone said, and I quote"Tyga is officially better than lil wayne"-holy crap! When Tyga's stuff first hit the web, he was hated on like crazy! Now everyone on his jock! It's artists like him who deserve the hype they recieve! The Introduction is coming this summer, Tyga WILL take this game by storm! I can just feel it! Promo swag will be turned on a hundred thousand trillion this summer *rolls eyes*, but it's what I do! Anywho, enjoy suckas! Tyga will be legendary-trust me!
G.E.D. Inc muthasuckas!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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