And Dawn moves right along...

Even though Dawn was obivously upset about the breakup of Danity Kane (like millions of others, including me), she not gonna let two shady bitches *cough*Aubrey*cough*D.Woods*cough* stop her from accomplishing her dreams to be a great in this industry. Honestly, I feel that Dawn should just be a solo artist. Even though she wanted to be in a group, she has what it takes to go solo. I'm not too sure about this Dirty Money group she's in. It already doesn't sound like something that will be dope. All the songs the Damn has on her own are dope. Drop an album Dawn, the people need it! Go solo!

And Aubrey & D.Woods need to hang the mic up and shut up! They never wanted to be in a group and knew exactly what they were doing. They ruined it for the other girls and all DK fans. No DK fan should support those chicks! So selfish! And then D.Woods has the nerve to say she felt disrespected at the final(why, Idk!) and that Dawn was the main reason DK broke up. To her I say:Shut the fuck up! You and Ivory did it! Women' up and admit it and take responibility. After that, shut the fuck up again! '

Nuff about them bitches, back to Dawn! Enjoy the dope music she has put out! I love Dawn and I know she will be long as Diddy doesn't mess with her career too much!

Get it Girl!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Anonymous said…
get your facts straight, this is dawn's side which she never shuts up about cause she wants the attention away from things she did to break up group. get past having to drop aubrey's name dawn and stfu:

And Aubrey's response to the Prophet:

I missed a total of 3 shows during the time I performed on BWAY! Never for my entire career with DK did I miss even a meet and greet. The days I missed were because I was sick, and so all of you understand what that means when you are in a contract with Six Flags, and actual doctor has to see you, determine you are unhealthy for travel, and then fax over all the details in order for the remaining girls to be able to even get paid. For the record, they got paid for ALL 3 shows! I was burning the candle at both ends in rehearsal and stage performances for DK and BWAY. Diddy gave me his blessing for this project, as he knew the state of DK at the time, and not every member wanted to be there. -Aubrey
Es said…
guess we have a die heart Aubrey fan! lol um this post was my opinion and no I will not shut the fuck up-it's my blog.

I didn't really state any facts-again, this post was my opinion. I don't know what really happened, no one does except for the members of DK. So no need to disrespect me in the name of Aubrey O'day,ok?!

Glad we could clear that up!

p.s.If this is Aubrey herself, welcome to the blog and you need help! bye!

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