At least he's still dancing....

As he waits to go to jail, Chris Breezy still got his dancing shoes on! Can't nothing stop that boy from dancing. Months after the Grammy tradegy, I just think it'ss a very unforunate situation for Chris. He did wrong and should be punished but I hate that everyone is acting like they never liked Chris before. The world was in love with him. We all make mistakes but few choose to learn from them. Hopefully he is learning from his. So I guess Rihanna isn't the only one moving on...And speaking of her...I dont know why everyone is feeling sorry for her and stuff. She is loving all this pity you people are giving. That bitch dont need you crying for her, she's partying it up and taking nude pics! But I'm not worried about this whole thing, everyone will meet their fate soon.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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