Baby (video) & Some news!

This is an unofficial video for the song Baby off of The Lost Limos Pt.2! I suppose we will be getting an official one later on. If so, I'll let you guys know. Like every track on the mixtape, I love this song. And it is a personal fav of Rich off the mixtape as well-he told me! lol So Enjoy that and also, Rich gave some insight on what's to come....

+The Lost Limos Pt.III will be dropping soon, along with I'ma Limo I'ma Stoner also coming soon!
+Another mixtape titled The Smoked Out Limo will also be dropping this summer!
+Limos Were Cool in the 90's this summer as well (I want the shirt!)
+Then last but not least-Rich Hil's first album titled The Black Limo-ill!

When they all drop, I will def put it on here. If Rich decides to give me any more info, I will def let you guys know! Thanx for letting me know Rich! I wish all artists were like you! lol The Black Limo sounds like it's gonna be some classic shit!Man, I just love this dude! Makes me want to start a fan club or something....go back on my promo shit....we'll see! Yo, I need to have Rich Hil Times' on my blog like I have Cudder & Drizzy Times' now that I know an album is on the's official we now have Limo Times for Rich Hil related posts! It's a good day ppl! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Anonymous said…
Our Modern day "Jimmy Hendrix" is def what this music is and what Rich Hil stands for. Get the mixtape

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