I've been to this thing about 2 or 3 times and the first time, I was like ok cool. The next time, I was like EWWW! lol I don't know why! Very dope exhibit. My sister works at the one in Atlanta at Atlantic Station so if you go, ask for Erica! Tell her Es sent you! lol I feel like everyone should go see this. It def changes the way you think of the human body and yourself and you have a new found respect for yourself. Some people see the smoker's lung and quit smoking right then and there. Shit is deep! lol The bodies are real! It takes forever to preserve them so don't touch them when you go. The bodies are unclaimed from China...have your opinions but still be respectful of the by not make racist comments when you see them...many people thing it's ok to do so just cause they're it's okay loser. Tickets are like $25 I think. There's one in NY and in ATL. Google it for more info! lol sorry...I'm being lazy I know! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Mariah said…
Ok aint gunna lie i really liked this exhibit. It visted KC a few months back. And I would advise most people to go! It wasnt really gross per se, but then again im a horror movie freak and i think that might have desensitized me a bit lol But my favorite parts are probably the most contreversial in the exhibit. One of them were the fetuses which were freakin cool! I dunno it was amazing to see how they changed over the weeks/months. The other one was the Pregant lady which was also "freakin cool!" lol I mean you see diagrams of it all the time but to see it in real life I dunnoo...the baby in the uterus looked really comfy and dare i say really cute? hah im calling a dead womans uterus cute but anywhoo if its still near ya go see it!

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