Drizzy Time! Beef Edition?

Umm...just read it people....

via Bossip:

Soulja Boy is sayin’ some ignorant ish again, but this time it’s about Drake, Lil Wayne’s artist. We guess this is his attempt to solidify himself in the hip-hop world:
“What advice [would I give to Drake]? Just take it and run with it, man,” Soulja said Wednesday in the MTV Newsroom. “I don’t know if I really had that type of buzz around me coming into the game. I been hearing about Drake for a minute. You just hear it, like when people be gossiping like, ‘Man, Drake the truth. He goes harder than Wayne, man.’ I never really had that. Look what I did. With people talking about him like that, just take it and run with it, man.”
Soulja says he likes having new MCs such as Drake and Nicki Minaj start to emerge in the game, but he’s definitely not trying to give up his spot anytime soon.
“Mostly everybody knew about me before I got signed, but it was only one person who took that chance. That was [Mr.] Collipark,” he explained. “Now you got all these people looking at me now like, ‘They warned me about this dude.’ Now you got people saying, ‘Drake is gonna be this and be that.’ Or Corey Gunz. I’m sitting back like, ‘OK,’ preparing, because I know how people think.” Soulja is currently working on his third album, The DeAndre Way, which he wants to release later this year.Drake is out doing shows off the strength off his
mixtape, So Far Gone. Over on NahRight.com, they have footage of Drake’s Toronto homecoming concert from earlier this week. Drizzy takes a small jab at the fans who criticized him for not spitting raps off the top of his head.

“Freestyling off the dome,” Drake rapped. “No BlackBerry, I ain’t looking at my phone.”
Alright now Soulja,
Bow Wow is one thing, Drake is more like a real MC. Be careful.

The people over at Bossip..pretty much took the words right out of my mouth when it comes to SB, I love Soulja Boy but I don't think he realizes that if you wanna pick this battle, don't bring a knife to a gun fight. SB will never be on Drake's level. Trust!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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