Drizzy Time! Eshow Edition!

Ok, this Drizzy Time will be very short. Basically, I'm not in the mood to conceive my folks and sis of going to this show anymore, I have no energy to. But if I win this ticket giveaway by DJ Smiles, I will go...I would tell you the link to it but by you entering it would decrese my chances of winning-sry! So if I don't go physically, I can still enjoy my Drizzy and watch him via innanet! lol I think saying internet like innanet is so funny...don't ask why-idk! So yea, either way I won't miss a thing! I watched the G.O.O.D Music Showcase at SXSW online and I was having fun!....yup, all by my damn self! So yea, yall can watch it with me if I don't go. I WILL be tweeting about it either way so if you don't follow me on Twitter yet, what's wrong with you and start following my ass now! And no, I don't care if other Twiggas get annoyed by my tweets-(Mickey Factz voice) "I do this for my culture!" =D

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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