Drizzy Time! Music Video Edition!

I'm glad Drake wants to make the ladies smile and have us feel special when we watch the Best I Ever Had video but why make a video for a song that's not gonna be on the album? Or is it gonna be on the album? Is this gonna be his first single off of Thank Me Later? I hope not. Go to the studio and cook up some fresh shit. We can't still be gettin high off ya old crack! Even though I really want to listen to So Far Gone tonight as I sleep. lol But real talk, I'm sick of that song. It was one of my favorite until it was everybody's favorite. I'm not very good with sharing! Sooner Than Later, Lust for Life, Say What's Real, Little Bit, The Calm and Uptown are my favs off that mixtape still! Uptown about to be off the list though..too many ppl singing it around me! And it's so weird to here Best I Ever Had on the radio. First off it sounds stupid with all the editing,"You'd-you'd best, you'd-you'd best". And then it just weird for me to hear Drake, a dude I knew about and loved since 07, finally get on the radio! Same thing with Cudi. I sound real bitchy in this post, it's 12:47 am, I had a long day! Sorry! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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