Eric Elms x Vans.

Eric Elms x Vans
Never heard of Eric Elms, but these Vans are fyeeee as hellll! Dope shit! I would rock these all day everyday! The material, the style, just the look in general-dope!

Here's a min interview with Eric Elms:

When is your Vans shoe coming out?

It’s coming out in a couple months, I think. The design is all done, but I’ll probably do a couple things around that. I’m going to do a sculpture based on one of the graphics related to it. The shoe isn’t a pro model or anything, they said that I could do whatever I wanted, so it’s my own model.

How did you tackle that?

It was kind of tough. It’s a totally different way of thinking. You have to draw it flat but then work in 3-D. I got a sample back and it was like my drawing, but not exactly like what was in my head. Too much of a traditional skater shoe. Once I got that sample it was easier to make changes and glue things on and re-sketch. The sample was about 95% there. It’s coming out in three colors, one’s canvas, one’s suede and one is a mix of the two.

What did you go in to it wanting to make?

Something that was more me. More of a casual shoe than a skate shoe. I have a casual style, and maybe something a little weirder. It wouldn’t make sense for me to make a skater shoe because that’s not me. It’s going be at all skate accounts. It’s not going to be limited which I’m excited about.

Saw is on KanYe's blog but from Hypebeast

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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