Essi Exclusive: 2 more Rich Hil mixtapes this summer?

Ok so "someone" came to my blog (yessssss! lol) and left me some inside infomation.

Anonymous said:

2 more mixtapes this summer.. The Lost Limos pt.2 any day now... and I'MA LIMO I'MA STONER... later on this summer will be packaged and shipped out to boutiques .... lost limos part 2 is ill tho

Why am I making a big deal out of this?...Cause it's some exclusive shit! You aint gonna see this on anyone else's blog! And if so, they better give my blog and my anonymous friend credit! So yea, it's a big deal! Shittttt! So anyways, this news bring a smile to my face. I truly feel that this summer in the music world is gonna be great! Mixtapes are gonna crazy, hopefully I can say the same for albums, and hopefully same for shows cause aint nobody tryna perfom in the A! wtf? But I think I know who this anonymous person is and I thank them for checking out my blog and giving me this info *wink* Ya not that slick! lol it's ok though!

Is anyone else excited about this Rich Hil news besides? I'm jumping off the walls! *literally* lol

FYI all music artists, fashion designers, and other dope people: if you have some dope stuff coming out or that you just want people to check out, hit me up in a comment on my blog or shoot me an email at Cause 9.99 times out 10, I'll post it! =D

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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