How dumb are you anti-KanYe bloggers?

I can't believe this rumor/claim is being brought from the dead. People still don't believe KanYe is posting on his own blog. This belief is very dumb. Everyone is like "If you're so busy, how do you post like 15-20 posts a day?" Like, really people? Think about it. One blog post on something simple like a dope sneaker can take about a minute to post. Or even less! Sometimes when you find a lot of dope stuff to post, you get carried away and post a shit load of stuff. Trust, I've done it before! And it probably only took me like 10 minutes to post everything. And plus, for those who have been following 'Ye's blog since he started it, he'll post a bunch of posts once and nothing else for the rest of the day. and he posts stuff in the wee hours of the morning. So for people to not really think it through and see how he posts so much stuff on his blog himself-is just dumb. And I know people always get on me for defending 'Ye and stuff but this rumor right here is dumb. He post stuff himself, leave him alone. The Twitter rant-yea it was a little extra, but it's KanYe!

I'm done, carry on!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Jacque said…
actually...he admitted that he has a few people blog for him sometimes. He does blog, but he said when he's out and about he has people find stuff for him, send it to him, and if he approves, they post it. I'm not an anti-kanye blogger and I'm not dumb, he admitted it.

here's a link:
Es said…
yea but all he said was that people pull info for him. not that they post it for him. He runs it like how artists run MySpace pages. They are always the ones putting stuff on their MySpace. But ppl are saying that he doesn't do it himself at all like he has his own personal blogger or something.But if you're not an anti-KanYe blogger, I wasn't calling you dumb-no one should take it to heart really! lol =D

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