I ♥ Photography.

I remember when I first got on MySpace and would search the web for a dope layout for my page and these layout sites would have the sickest photography and I would put them all over my page. So I'm bored and decided to go dope hunting for some cool pics! Some of them remind me of songs/lyrics or just things related to me...Enjoy. "Lost in my innocence..."-Rich Hil
Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton
"Could you ever be, now would you be my fucking boyfriend?"-The Bird & The Bee
This shirt should say,"I ♥ Dope Shit"
Down Here in Hell by Van Hunt
"All this time you were pretending, so much for my happy ending"-Avril Lavine
An old man's atraks are my cassette tapes...old school steez.
"I want those, I want those, I want those flashing lights"-Colin MonroeOn top of the world is where I will soon live.....-Es
"And all the hippies say...na na na na na"-Rich Hil Dreams...I see them today...then live in them tomorrow-Es
photos via CharmRoyal

'Always More, Never Less'


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