I'm starting to like this Lady Gaga chick....

Usually, I'm not 100% in love with an artist til I see them in an interview.You get to hear them speak and not just their music. I like Lady Gaga's music. I'm starting to understand her "over-the-top-ness" and stuff. I will say that she is staying true to herself. In this interview, Gaga is asked about sex and other related things. Although her answer to "What do you look for in a partner?" was hilarious, while she was speaking she basically said she makes love to her music and she just wants to focus on her music. I can really appreciate her saying that. Some music artists come out and the music itself is the last thing they are thinking about! Lady Gaga is a dope chick and a G! She told the lady she asked a ridiculous question!-Gangsta! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


KiyarraJane said…
We Think A like,I Posted This To A Few Days back.

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