Is Amber Rose...Heartless?

I know it's pretty much old news that KanYe and Amber broke up...if that's even true! Sad news! I hate it that he's single again. I really want KanYe to be happy and have a family! He deserves it. And I still got love for Amber. Word is that they broke up cause Amber was sneaking around with another rapper...oooookkkkkk! I hope that isn't the case. Cause remember when they first started dating and I said that if Amber breaks 'Ye's heart, I'm coming for her? I got money too, I'll fly out to wherever she is if that's the case. But I hope it was a civil breakup. Amber is a cool chick and mad real-no bullshit. Plus she has a wicked fashion sense! I'm not the biggest fan of spanx as pants but she pulls it off. I can't believe I'm about to say this but I really hope that from all this publicity she got from being KanYe's chick for a minute that she gets some good work in modeling and other areas. More people like Amber need to be in the ent. industry. I'm still Team Amber! She's such a dope chick! Keep ya head up A.Rose! Let the haters hate cause when you make it, they'll congratulate!

I fail to believe that Amber Rose is heartless....

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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