Kid Cudi, Asher Roth, BOB, & Pac Div in the A!!!!

Hell-fucking-yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so there! My favorite artists, in my favorite concert place , in the A? What? People, do you understand how psych'd I am for this show? And i got my own mula so my parental units don't have to pay for it? And my sis wantsto go too? Cudi? No, I don't have to think twice about this-I'm going! And Bobby Ray and Pac Div? WHATTTTTTTTTTTT! Asher?-still kinda mad at him for the semi-racist comments but I'll just be happy to be there so I'll still rock with him! Omg yall *screaming for joy* All my ATLiens, tix go on sell tomorrow! Don't buy all of them to quick like yall did with Drake! Me and my sis need our tix too! Hopefully Cudi will think that my sis is really pretty (like every other dude) and let us go backstage and then I can get an interview of something with some ppl! That would be dope! I'm sooooooo excited! My favorite Martian is landing in the Planet of ATL.

For tix and more info visit
Graphic/flyer done by me! Give me my credit if you use it! If you don't, I'll find you!
It's so Cudder Time on Aug.2nd....bitches! lol *jumping for joy*

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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