My Bottom Bitch is Credible.

I always post the latest from Rich Hil and other new artists cause they're dope! I feel like if I, Lil Miss Blogger, keeps putting the word out about dope music and artists that in some way I am helping their careers. I want just talented, hardworking people to be noticed and appreciated b/c a lot of useless people are getting too many kudos from the public and they don't deserve it. Plus, these new artists are reppin for my generation and I love it! I really do feel we can make an impact on music history. Just can't let them fame and the fortune blind us from the real purpose of making music.

Anywho, I love this joint, I'm still blastin Over Seas With It! I can't wait for Lost Limos Pt.2 to drop. Bonic is dope, he's an O.G. when it comes to this rappin' thang! lol Anywho, great job guys.Keep doing you!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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