The Not-Really-My-Boyfriend Application.

Ok, so you probably read the title and was like,"Oh lord what is this girl talking about now?". Don't worry, I'll explain.

So while my sister were on the side of the road when our car broke down and being hot as hell in the sun, my sister goes "Esther, you need a boyfriend." And I was like, "I was thinking the same thing!" People say crazy shit when they are hot as hell but we have a reason for this thought. While the tow truck was on it's way, we needed a way to get back home. My sister called her boyfriend and he was gonna pick us up. Thing was that he lives like an hour away and he had to do something before he came to pick us up. So we had to wait like an hour and a half before leaving the area. So the reason for our semi heatstroke thought was that, if I had a boyfriend, he would probably be in the Metro ATL area, has a car, and able to pick us up in good timing before we sweat'd all the water in our bodies out.

So with that being said, I present to you the Not-Really-My-Boyfriend Application. Why is it called that you ask? Cause I'm not really looking for love right now, I just need someone to hold me down. I need someone who will rescue me(and possibly my sister) when I call for help. Someone to talk to when I want to go on a rant about people hating on Hip Hop and someone to drive me to the bank when I need to make a deposit. Fellas, it doesn't matter if you already have a girlfriend and yall in love, think of me as ya Girlfriend #2! If Pleasure P can do it, than I can too, shit! And you know what, it's doesn't have to be a one way thing. You need help with whatever, I'll help you too! Need to convince ya mom of something, I'll talk to her for you! Need someone to write a quick essay for you, I got you! Need someone to hear you out when you go on a rant about the NBA Playoffs? I'm here for you*holding up cellphone* So there are some qualifications you must meet before you can be considered for this position....


+18 years or older. But not too old. I don't want a sugar daddy or anything.

+In the Metro Atlanta area. Or least be able to reach me at Stone Mountain or Downtown ATL!

+5'9 or taller. I'm 5'8. I don't want to have to look down at you. It's a tall girl thing.

+Has a job. A legal one.=D I might need to borrow a dollar or two...or hundred.

+Has a car. I don't...and I'm need a ride every now and then.

+Can deal with a girl who doesn't like people to waste her time or be bored. And rather chill with a bunch of dudes then a bunch of girlie girls.

+And has the strength and patience to deal with Nigerian parents. African parents are no joke.

Now for the application...










Twitter, MySpace,Facebook, and blog(put all urls to those):

Why would you make a good Not-Really-My-Boyfriend for me?:

That's it! Send all applications to Accepting all applications til...I find the one! lol And oh, the pic. Just need someone to light my joint and lift my hair up when I'm drunk and throw up. Even though I don't drink or smoke. I get sugar high often though! Send in ya applications now! And ladies, I give you permission to us this application too! Us ladies deserve this! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


KiyarraJane said…
Ha,Hun This is Cute.

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