Remeber Me.

T.I. ft.Mary J. Blige-Remember Me
TIP is off to jail people and he wants you to remember him. Even though I am sure we will, cause he's only gone for a year and a day. I'm actually annoyed by all of his Redemption shit and "the old me dead and gone" crap. If didn't get caught with all them tools he would be the same old TI. Him going to jail became a marketing scheme for him. Now he all grown up and dare I say a "role model". Like really dude? I wonder if he didn't get caught and have been sentenced to serve time and stuff would he have still done a show like the one of MTV (I forgot the name)? It's all bullshit to me. And then he wants special treatment. "Can I serve time closer to home? And only serve two months?" No TIP, you did something wrong, face the consequences and be quiet about it! All this farewell concerts and "last time ya gonna see TI" crap is stupid. The dude isn't gonna die! He's not on death row-it's only a year! Chill out! I like TI and his music but man up and shut up. Serve ya time and come back into the game. He acting this is is the first time he had a run in with the law. I live in Atlanta. I'm use to hearing "Rapper TI, real name Clifford Harris, is in custody with county officials" on the news! Nice song though. But no more "I'm a better man now" tracks...we get it!

Link from h.e.r.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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