Review: Rich Hil 'The Lost Limos' Mixtape

*in Jeezy voice* "Alright, alright, alright, okay!"lol thats how he starts his verse in Ciara's Never Ever-but this aint about her dumbass. Yea I don't her too much. RICH HIL DROPPED A MIXTAPE!!!! YESSSSSSSSS! Yall know I love me some Rich Hil. He put all of the songs that he would occasionally leak into a mixtape with some other tracks and made a dope mixtape. For people who are already fans of Rich, you are probably loving this mixtape like myself. But for those who are sleeping and still don't know about him, ya probably like,"what the hell is this?" My advice, go to, check out his blog, listen and download his music, and then you will understand his whole vibe and movement. He is on some other shit, but it's some good shit. I like the vibe of this mixtape and it's truly a mixtape! I'm so into this hippie/lonely limo movement and I can truly relate to some of his lyrics and I really like it when I can relate to an artist on some real shit. It does sound a little depressing but its dope and I love it and I love Rich Hil!
Roll up a blunt and download & listen to The Lost Limos here

Tracks to listen to:
All the Hippies Say
All the Above
My Best Friend's Funeral
Life is a Bitch

I like those songs the most. Like I said, he's on some other shit but it's some shit that this young generation (especially us 1989&1990 babies) can appreciated. In my generation, there's a lonely limo in all of us! Enjoy hippies! Muah! I effin' love you Rich Hil, I got you! I see you

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


HippieKissess said…
I ♥ Him!

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