Review: Rich Hil 'The Lost Limos Pt.II' Mixtape

Like I said on Twitter, I've never been so excited to do a review like now. My life has been changed today ppl! I'm a new Es! lol Seriously though! Like I feel different, I feel better. So after trying to unzip a compressed folder filled with dopeness all day (errr), I finally obtained access to the oh so ill tracks from my hippie friend, Rich! It's a good day in my world! So we reviewed the first part of The Lost Limos and we loved it, right ppl? Yes. Part 2-let's just say this is gonna be a long blog post ppl!

Where do I begin...I knew Part.2 would be dope but damn! And you know what, I'm not just saying this to make Rich and his dope band big headed, cause it's the last thing I want to do. Stay humble artists. But what amazes me so much about Rich is that he can come out with such heart felt, real, high quality, dope music at his age. We're both 90's babies and I've heard some of my peers and their music and with the exception of like 2 homeboys of mine, their music is pretty much trash. I don't know what it is but this mixtape did something to me physically and I tell ppl all the time, when something physical happens to me just by listening to music-it's some good classic music. Honestly, I don't know what KanYe is talking about when he calls Weezy this generation's Jimi Hendrix because he obviously never heard Rich's music. Rich is a voice for this generation, He is our Jimi Hendrix. So many people can feel what he's saying because it real. He's being no one else but himself and I can respect that. Another thing I like about Rich and his music is that, you can't really compare it with anything else. A lot of these new artists in the game ppl can say that "He kinda sound like 'Ye" or "He flows like Weezy"-can't do that with Rich and that's dope! It's originality!This is probably in my top 5 favorite mixtapes! Like I said when I reviewed Drake's So Far Gone, this is album material. If I went to the store, bought this with money, and come home and listened to it-I would not be disappointed. Like mixtape is the shit.

From the emotion behind Anbody In There to the up beat Over Seas With It to the anthem sounding Baby to the way realness of I Push to the Limit-every second of this mixtape is just the shit. Honestly, words can't really describe how amazing this mixtape is. But, I will point out a few things....

*Good number of tracks: Like some other artists when they drop mixtapes, Rich did not drowned us with 20+ tracks in one mixtape.ThankYou! 13 to like maybe 16 is a good number of tracks for a mixtape. Nothing more, nothing less.

*More of Rich, Less of everyone else: On Pt.2, we get to hear a lot more of Rich by himself. All though I love Bonic, Pt.1 was almost like a Rich Hil x Boo Bonic mixtape. Few features, more you and we're good.

*Variety of Tracks: Unlike Pt.1, there is a lot more variety in the kinds of songs tempo wise? Does that make sense ppl? Like some upbeat songs, some slower songs, and some in between. So variety is good. I personally like the vibe of Pt.1 but can appreciate the different vibes throughout each song on Pt.2.

So Download this masterpiece now! Here

I would to a Tracks to Listen to part in this review but every song is a track to listen on this one! Even the interlude! This mixtape is a masterpiece and Rich and his band did an excellent job. You will not be disappointed when you download this and have a listen-it's the shit, it's my shit! I can not wait for Pt.III-yes ppl, we're gonna get a Pt.III (thank me later! hehe). But if a mixtape, not an album, can make me go on and on and on about how great it is-that's some good shit! Like always, Enjoy ppl!!!! And you will, trust me!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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