Soundtrack of Es.

Don't ask why I'm doing this. I just had a feeling to do it. Yes, it's random. I always have a soundtrack of my life. It changes all the time. It just a bunch of songs that I'm feeling and that I can some how relate to. And yes, I'm too lazy to imeem them and put a whole playlist together. If you want to know more about a song, leave a cmmnt and I'll tell you where you can find it and what it is off of-if that makes sense. Like for example-Spaceship by KanYe. You ask, "What album is that off of?" I say College Dropout! Ok, here's the list ppl!

Street Lights-KanYe West
Successful-Drake ft.Trey Songz & Lil Wayne
I Push to the Limit-Rich Hil
It Was Beautiful-Dom Kennedy
I Want Those Flashing Lights-Colin Monroe
Oh Star-Paramore
Chop Suey-System of A Down
T.G.I.F-Kid Cudi ft. Chip Tha Ripper
Fcking Boyfriend-The Bird & The Bee
Erased-Dre ft.Chris Brown
Laugh About It-N*E*R*D
Apple Tree-Erykah Badu
That Oprah-Swizz Beatz
Over Seas with It-Rich Hil
Jetpack-Phony PPL
Shoot Down the Stars-Gym Class Heroes
Who Am I to Say-Hope
Half of 5% is Down-Rich Hil
Time Machine-T Pain
Where I Belong-Dom Kennedy
We Made It-Wyclef Jean
Crumbling Therapy-Overdoz
Overtime-Ace Hood
My Mind Playing Tricks On Me-Geto Boyz
Til the End of Time-Tupac

Soooo, that's currently my life in song! lol There's probably more but these are the ones I can think of off head. Interesting mix. I'm into all genres ppl! I need to get back on my techno ish though. Anyways, which songs are in you soundtrack of your life now? Actually, what's the soundtrack of your life right now?

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


KiyarraJane said…
This Is Kiyarra Here,I'm a First Time Vistor.I Heard about this blog through the grapevine & wanted to check it out.First post I saw had me drawn to your taste in music!
-Shoot Down the Stars-Gym Class Heroes
-Who Am I to Say-Hope
Are Two Of My favorite Songs Ever!
Some Songs and artist on this site I Never heard of before,But thats the beauty of it,ha Now I have to check Them Out.I Like This Blog,I Will Be Back.Keep Up The Good work!

Es said…
OMG! Thank you thank you thank you! Your kind words mean a lot to me! I really appreciate it and I'm happy you like my blog!And I'm glad I can tell you about some dope artists through my blog. Good music is everywhere and everyone should enjoy it! I like your blog too!

Thanks again girlie!
Wallo said…
Colin performed that "Flashing Lights" joint right in front of me and it was quite exceptional, especially with that live band.

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