Southern Hospitiality is bullshit.

Ok if you were born and raised in the South, I say sorry in advanced. Actually, fuck that. I take that back, no sorry for yall. You guys always shit on us Northerns. But I'm tell you why I say:Southern hospitiality is bullshit.

Today, my sister and I were suppose to go to a cookout. We had to pick up one of my sister's co workers to go. What ended up happening was that her co worker was no longer in need of a ride and my sister had to figure out how to go to the meetup that was set up with her co workers from the chick's house. So we just got on the highway. While on the highway, something popped in the car. The car started to overheat, so my sis got off of the highway. We decided to just go to the nearest train station and take the train to our destination. As we did that, the car would shut off and was going mad slow. So we pulled up on the side of the street and pulled the cell phones out and started calling ppl.

Here's why I'm mad at the South today. The street we pulled over at was in the middle of ATL off of Memorial Drive. Basically in the hood. The street is pretty fucking busy. It's hot as hell.Not a single person asked us if we were ok or if we needed anything. You stupid ass Southern men had the nerve to beep at us and shout out stupid shit like,"Hey baby" and shit instead of stopping and asking if we need help. And then, you won't believe this one, the cops drove by. We were pulled over on private property, it was some old abandoned place, and the cop just looked and kept driving. Ok, if you're not gonna stop and ask if we're ok, at least stop and give us a ticket! The police really don't give a shit about the community!

Before I moved down here, I would always here from Southern ppl,"Come to the South! We treat you like you're part of our family! We'll give you that southern hospitality" And then I moved down here-Southern ppl are so mean! They talk shit about you, they are shady, and are not helpful at all. When I went to middle school, all the kids from the South would shit on Northern kids. They said we were stuck up and mean and all this other bullshit. We never talked about them! If our car broke down in the North, someone would have pulled over and helped us out. We would have like 3 ppl helping us and making sure we were ok. I always wanted to go back up North, which I'll do eventually, but today just makes me want to go that much sooner! Stop being fake South. If yall are mean, then be mean! Don't be two faced about it!

And us Northerners are not mean or cold hearted. If we're walking down a street and we do not know each other, there is no need for me to engage in a converstation with you and tell you my whole life story! Southerners always feel like they gotta talk to everyone! Here's a typical convo that might happen between me and some random Southern person:

Southern: Hey, how you doing today?
Me: I'm fine thank you!*smiles*
Southern: That's good, that's good... I'm just coming from work... It was a long day... I had to wake up at 5 in the morning and then I missed the train. My kids' teacher called me at work, saying my kid bullying ppl. I'm like, how you know it was him! And then my boss was getting on my last nerve (continues)
Me: (not paying attention)
Southern:...And then my man telling me he needs my car and I'm like hell no!....
Me:(turns up iPod)

I bet this happened to me on the MARTA before! lol But it's like c'mon! I don't want to talk to anyone, so stop talking to me! You do you, I'll do me! Damn. All I'm saying is, there is no such thing as Southern hospitiality. I've been treated so badly by many Southerners. Black, white, and Mexican! There are a few exceptions like ppl from Texas are cool ppl. Same thing with ppl from Florida. And some ppl I went to school with are cool and nice.But The Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi-not cool places!No nice ppl there. I need to relocate my ass back up above the Mason-Dixie line!

If you're a Southerner, please don't take this post too personal but this is how I personally feel based off of my past(and present) experiences. Tell ya ppl to be a little nicer to us Northerners because we didn't do shit to yall for you to treat us like you do. Again, this is just me, Es, speaking from my experience. If you beg to differ, leave a comment! Please don't be mad at me and trash my blog because of this but I felt someone needed to hear that someone felt this way. And trust, I'm not the only one.Outtie shawty...or shorty! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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