Throwback of Es: If Lovin' What You Want

Ok, this may be a good time for me to say why I really don't like Rihanna anymore. The Rihanna in the video above, that's the Rihanna I love. The one in Pon Da Replay (or whatever it's called), the one we were first introduced to, that's the one I love. As soon as this good girl decided to go bad-then I had a problem. When she first hopped on the scene, the music world really didn't have a reggae island girl thus making her unique from the get-go. Her first single was dope and was def a club banga. Debut album, I forgot if it did well or not but I bet it did pretty good because she was able to come out with Girl Like Me-I love that freaking album! I would listen to it over and over again!

To make a long story short-I hated Good Girl Gone Bad. The only song on there that I listened to was Rehab(that video was wack as hell!). She changed her look and kinda did this semi-Rock look and vibe and I was just so sick of female artists always doing this! I wouldn't have mind if she cranked the Christin Aguliera(i just effed up her last name) and went from being Dirty to being a cleaned up sophisticated woman. My sis told me that Rihanna says that the way she is now is how she always was until she got signed and the label changed her look. Although this story may kinda sound true for any other artist, like maybe if she was on Bad Boy but when it comes to her, I'm not buying it. She's from the islands! The label probably liked that and ran with it and that's probably how she looked before getting signed. All this fashionista look comes with money. She didn't really start dressing like this until that story is bullshit.

I just want the Little Miss Sunshine Rihanna back so that I can have so dope summer music and I can vibe out to on the beach and on the road. This Little Miss Thunderstorm chick, me no likey. And the only reason she is able to still be in everyone's mouth is because she's more than a music artist, she a full blown celebrity- socialite type. She is more recognized for her clothes and drama than her music. I'm just sick of it. We'll see what she does on the next album, if she even does that! Too busy partyin' and shit-her money gon' run out one day!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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