Throwback of Es: Naughty Girl

Ok for some odd reason, like a couple of days ago, this song randomly popped up in my head. I wasn't the biggest fan of it when it came out but it's still a decent song. And it's funny that this song pops into my head at a time where nude pics and sex tapes of young famous "naughty girls" are coming out. And no, I did not enjoy seeing those pictures. I think its absolutely ridiculous to be taking pictures of yourself naked and just having it saved on ya computer and camera or videotaping yourself during intercourse. It's stupid and slutty. If you wanna be a porn star, fill out an application. But to leak ya own pics to the net, claim someone else did it or that its not you in the photos, to stay relevant and push albums sales- It's nasty! If you are not talented enough to have ya music speak for itself and have great success with ya album, get off the mic! It's crazy how nude pics and sex tapes can make someone famous or boost their careers but helping out people in need or doing something for a great cause doesn't. It's a sick world I tell ya. Anywho, enjoy a live performance of Naughty Girl by one female who is trly talented and doesn't need to leak nude pics of herself to the internet to have the top charting music and albums!-Beyonce!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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