Throwback of Es: What These B*tches Want

I was thinking about how people are always like, "I grew up listening to Run DMC, Grand Master Flash and (insert other old school MC)." I was thinking, who was I listening to growing up? At first, Biggie, Tupac, SWV, All of Bad Boy, Mary J.Blige and later on DMX and the Ruff Ryders-yup, Eve & Ja Rule included, more Bad Boy, some Jay-Z, Dru Hill, and the white girl in me-N'SYNC! So I was like I need a Throwback representing this thought. I did want to post DMX's Stop Drop but its wasn't on Youtube for me to post. But this song was and tell me why I know like every word to it?!?! I was one bad child, I tell ya...Enjoy the throwback! I miss DMX's music career...same with Sisqo...

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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