TNG: Our Biggie & Tupac?

Ok, so I was just thinking about how I called Rich Hil this generation's Jimi Hendrix and I was like who else is the next legendary person of this generation. So Let's start with Tupac and Biggie. To be completely honest I have no idea who could be the next Biggie or Pac. I'm stumbed! So Ok ppl, time to start leaving some comments and dropping some names!

Who's this generation's Tupac?
Who's this generation's Biggie?
I went to consult with my fellow Hip Hop head, my sister. I told her about Erik's choice of Lil Wayne but she made a good point.

"I don't really listen to Wayne's music like that but if Wayne died, ppl would be sad for a little but say Jay-Z died, Hip Hop would mourn his death"-The Sister

I agree. People would make R.I.P/Dear Weexy tracks and stuff but if Hov was to pass-it would feel like a piece of Hip Hop is now gone. Jay has been able to remain relevant for the longest and respected by all Hip Hop lovers. Weezy still has to win some people over even with all of his current success. Another name she brought up was Nas. But unlike Jay, Nas has not been able to remian relevant for a long time but still respected by many. So I guess Jay-Z is our Biggie and Nas is our Tupac-isn't that funny!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


InfiniteCycle said…
well i know people will be butt hurt if Lil Wayne died tomorrow so in an awkward way, he'd be the next "legendary" rapper.
InfiniteCycle said…
i see what your sister is saying. i just came up with somebody that was too famous lol. Jay-Z is forever!!!
Es said…
yeaa Wayne is too famous! lol

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