Okay, so there's really nothing exciting or dope on the net today. So old celeb bullshit, no new music leaks that I am excited about. The internet is very lame indeed on weekends! There's nothing for me to even vLog about! So I guess this is a sign from God that I should look for a job! lol and think of new ways to spice up my blog. But yea...if I post very little this weekend it's cause I'm busy with all this Mother's Day stuff and the net is wack until Monday! lol

Question: Do ya parents always piss you off before a holiday in which you gotta give them something? Example: Ya mother gettin' on ya nerves before Mother's Day. Is it just me? or.....lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Jacque said…
haha, no it's not just you

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