Where Is....


Chain Hang Low and King Kong were my shit! I loved Jibbs! I know he had a song with Lloyd. It was on some real high school shit. Come harder Jibbs! I know you can do it! V.I.C?

What was his song again? Jigg wit it? I don't know. No, it was Get Silly with Soulja Boy! That was hott too! And that other song he had. Isn't (or wasn't) he signed to Collipark? He's actually Nigerian, so my sis said maybe his parents sent him back to the motherland. My parents have threaten me with that one so many times. They would never do that! Anywho, V.I.C, come out of the rock in which you live under! lol


I remember telling people that I was gonna "Pop, Lock, &Drop It" on stage at graduation after I got my diploma-I didn't! lol I just wanted to leave! lol Huey, where you at? Make up another dance for the ladies to do in the club!

I'm not a die hard fan of any of these dudes but I'm like "Where did they go?" They were some dope artists though-don't lie to yourself! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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