X-Men Origins:Wolverine

Found these videos on youtube for some characters of X-Men Origins. Yo, I'm not into movies like that-but that movie was the shit! GO see it if you haven't already! What?! That movie was crazy! It's a fav of mine! Thank you Viv for convincing me to see it cause we almost watched Obsessed....yea I know. Everytime I see something about this movie I get so excited! I would pay to go see it in the theater again! Dopeeeeeenessssss! Love it, Love it, Love it! Check out some of the mutants!

Will.I.Am did an excellent job! He's a great actor! I loved his character and his power! Crazy shit!

"...Meet exciting people..and then kill them." He is sooooo fineeee! *drooling..not really* damn damn damn why did he end up being the bad one-opps spoiler!

He's beautiful! One of my favs out of all of them! Ladies, these mutants are fineeee! "My name is Gambit...and I play for keeps" Crazy power too!

One word for Victor-ruthless! Damn he'll kill anyone for no reason!

The greatest of them all-Wolverine! The best! And Hugh Jackman is just....he's the definition of handsome! I know their looks have nuttin to do with the movie and story but they are just too damn fine! Let me have my moment-please! In the words of KanYe,"Let me be GREAT!"lol Go see the movie nowwwwwwwww!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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