The Young Entrepreneur Empowerment Coalition.

I just had a feeling that I needed to remind people of this very positive movement right here. I felt it in my spirit! lol I've posted on the organization before when they were having their very first event in the ATL that I was suppose to go to but these girls called my friends couldn't go and I wasn't about to go by myself! Anywho, as a young lady who wishes to be a part of the entertainment industry and make a great positive impact on it, I can appreciate the creation and purpose of Y.E.E.C! The founders of Y.E.E.C are James Smith, Aaron Reid, and Jason Johnson. I respect these young men so much for thinking of this and wanting to do something for our generation. A lot of people think that young black men are useless and just want to gang bang or be a rapper and they are proving to people that a young black man can be successful and make a positive impact on this world. Obama ain't the only one people! They all have experience in the industry. All have worked for Island Def jam in areas such as PR, marketing, and promotions. I envy them for my dream So for everyone who is following the Y.E.E.C movement, we are in good hands, they know what they are doing!

Here's some info on Y.E.E.C via their website (

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help today's youth become tomorrow's successful leaders.(YEEC) is a coalition of young entrepreneurs, actors, producers, artist, models, dj's, and musicians united to become the influential agent for social change amongst the youth.

Our Demographic

Age 14-25

Program Strategy-(YEEC) will have monthly events speaking to the youth about economic advancement. (YEEC) events will be geared toward speaking to youth about college, finances, and knowledge on the entertainment industry.

So I would like to say, thanks to James, Aaron, and Jason for setting a positive example for their peers and generations to come. Also, for giving us, people who want to be a part of the industry, a platform to do so. I know YEEC is fairly new but already I can feel the impact that it is making and it's future looks hella bright. Your guys are officially dope! I love my generation *tear* lol

p.s. Guys, let me know if you need a real dope blogger/promoter to help yall out! I'm right here! lol seriously though, holla at me!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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