Atlanta Indie Arts & Music Festival.

Ok ATLiens! This weekend it's going down! Atlanta Indie Fest will be happening on Sunday,June 21st. Yes, that is Father's day, and yes, I'm pissed! My sis and I are really trying to go but we don't want to leave our Daddy without his kids on Father's Day-defeats the whole purpose. So we'll probbaly spending the morning and afternoon with him and hit up the fest latre on in the day.

Anywho, a lot of great acts will be at the event. It's indoor and outdoor. I'll probably be outdoor beacuse I like that line up better, but I will see Amanda Diva indoor, she's the last act indoor. Outdoor includes, B.O.B, Mickey Factz, Big Sean, Muffy, and many others. Indoor is Stacy Epps, Donnis, Amanda Diva, I think Hollyweerd and many more as well. It's gonna be a great event! I really hope I can make it out there!

Atl, come out to the event and support these great artists! Tickets are on sale now, word is that the tickets are on sale for $14(use to be $18)! Get'em now!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


RICH HIL said…
they didnt invite the hippie :(
Es said…
I know right! if you were performing, I would def go! no question about it! are you gonna be in the A when it goes down?

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