Bird hunting.

Ok so I know today is a sad day.Two famous ppl died.RIP. But something was brought to my attention by my fellow Naija blogger,The African King, that turned my tears into flames.So I did the vLog on Juan Neal and Fli Pelican and in the video, I didn't really diss FP or anything because I felt that they just really needed to get their shit together.But now, Es is a Bird killer!And you know, A.King and I , we're not ones to deal with drama, but when we see some fake as shit-we will call you out! And A.King is a designer himself, but unlike FP, he actually draws his own shit! So notice the pic above? Check out this one
And no, the gas faces don't look exactly alike-but its close enough! Add some spikey hair, redo the ears-c'mon FP!Do yall want to get sued or what?And yall aint even slick with it! A.King googled gas faces and found this shit...GOOGLE!I think you guys just need to close up shop! Posers! fucking ridiculous.... You Pelicans aint running shit!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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