Dead Dreams.

I'm hella bored right now. I was listening to my iPod and like write the titles of the songs on paper with little stars and clouds around it and than I drew that *pointing to pic* on my arm. Weird. I'm starting to think that some of my dreams are impossible to reach. So of my dreams I killed on my own. Like wanting to own my record label-dead. Record labels are about to die off sooner or later so that wouldn't be a good investment. And there are others but in this day and age, it's hard for a dreamer like me to still believe in...well anything. I see a lot of useless, talentless, stupid people get into positions that I should be in. It's annoying and discouraging. It's like now a days, you have to do everything wrong to be noticed and dare I say praised. I refuse to give up some of my dreams...but some of them are just dying off on their own....I guess autotune isn't the only thing that died this weekend. lol

Keep your dreams alive people! No matter how hard it seems, hold on to them. Maybe I should take my own advice....When everything else is taken from you....your dreams remain.

p.s.Yall like my purple people eater room? I painted it myself! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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