Drizzy Time! Interview Edition!

Drizzy chats it up with DJ Semtex in the UK. Talks general interview stuff, about him "working" with Rihanna, and Thank Me Later, his debut album. Okay, just like I tweeted, I'm about to go on a rant about this interview. It's not the interviewer this time, it's the interviewee! Oh Aubrey Drake Graham, where do I begin.

Ok let's talk some Rihanna. So he's writing for Rihanna now, because Rihanna doesn't know shit about music and has everyone else write for her.Maybe she should have someone else sing for her-but back to Drake. This is a good move for the homie. Drake is known for kinda being a poet, he's really good with words, so this should be...interesting. When Semtex started to talk about some other "work" that Drake maybe doing with Riri, did yall see how smiley Drake was? When he denied that him and Riri were involved the first time on the radio, I was like,"Ok that rumor just died" but when asked about it this time, he was all smiles and a little too much for me. I'm starting to think that he did do something with that chick besides write songs....

Now let's talk some Thank Me Later. Semtex asked a very good question and a question I would have loved to ask Drake myself."Ever thought of going independent?" I understand you need a label to help you with distribution and stuff but I really do think Drake should be independent. I think a lot of artists should be. Labels are useless to me now a days. Get ya money from endorsements and shows/tours artists! Word is that Interscope and Atlantic are battling over Drake now*roll my eyes* Like really? And like Drake said himself, it would be amazing if he could sell like crazy independently. But I will say this, if he doesn't, go to the highest bidder Drizzy!

Hearing Drake say that he just wants to do this album organically and not make it all extra makes me say this: Drake, if you want to do this album from the heart and not with the pressure of all of your current hype(which will run out by the end of the summer), go in doing this project like you did with Comeback Season & So Far Gone. Forget about everything. All your new fans, the hype, the labels, the new exceptions, just forget about it. Do the album from the heart. Do it with all the passion that you have in you. Cause if you aren't doing music for yourself or that you like and feel good about, how do you expect the people to love it.Know what I mean? And sometimes, hype seems one way when its something totally different. So don't think that everyone is a Drake fan. I know a lot of people who are dropping out of Team Drizzy cause of the hype. Please just do it like you did those mixtapes cause they were, to me at least, album status.

People, when Thank Me Later drops, I really do not want to say,"Aww hell no! So Far Gone was better than this shit! Comeback Season was better than this-Shit, Room for Improvement tops this shit!" Because if I do...smh...I don't know what's next from my Drizzy Drake Rogers. Let's pray and fast like my sister would say, that it doesn't end up that way! Drake, make ya first one a good one!


'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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