Drizzy Time! Lawsuit Edition? Yes.

Oh snap, crackle, and pop! Drizzy is already dropping lawsuits before he drops an album! Read the story.
via XXL Mag:

Drizzy Drake, arguably the most talked about unsigned rapper this year, has a buzz so big that an unauthorized CD has hit iTunes trying to profit off his work, Billboard has learned.

According to the site, Canadian Money Entertainment released the album, titled The Girls Love Drake, on May 28. Distributed by Independent Online Distribution Alliance, the CD features tracks from Drizzy’s free mixtape So Far Gone.

The Toronto MC’s people told Billboard that they did not OK the release and said they are trying to clear the samples themselves off So Far Gone so they can officially sell them in stores.

Drake’s manager Al Branch has sent a cease and desist letter to iTunes and plans on suing Canadian Money Entertainment. “This is a straight bootleg, a scandal,” he said. “We are behind promoting records at radio, but haven’t sold it. iTunes position is that they are store and they stock everything. They have a waiver and as long as people sign it and are responsible for the product they submit, then they go for it.”

Ok, I have no problem with Drizzy dropping a lawsuit against Canadian Money Ent. I guess they thought any music of Drake's is music of theirs to do whatever the hell they want to do with it! Maybe they should have just dropped a mixtape like everyone else! My problem is with Drake trying to clear samples on So Far Gone so that he can sell it. Yes, there are many Drake fans out there, but who the hell is really gonna buy So Far Gone after its been all over the web for free? That's like a dude marrying Spahead after she's slept with like every rapper!-wait, that did happen. Anyways, whoever gave him that idea needs to just jump off a bridge asap! That's so retarded! And I hope he's not clearing samples from the mixtape so some of the songs can go on Thank Me Later. I swear if I hear a song from the mixtape on the album-I will throw my copy at the wall, pick up the pieces and dump it in the trash. Stop being lazy and go to the studio and cook up some fresh crack! All these shows and appearances he's doing is getting in the way of him doing a quality album. That's why he's probably gonna recycle some tracks and put it on the album. This aint not Drake's Greatest Hits shit! It's ya first album! Stop writing hooks and shit for other artists and focus on yourself! He's really getting caught up in his own hype, which expires by the end of the summer just to let everyone know. Errrrr Drake, you've been making me mad lately!!! You're doing it all wrong, all wrong!

The past like three Drizzy Times! I've gone on rants about the dude-why? Cause I'm that big of a fan and I don't want him to go down like this. The homie needs to focus on the music. Not the hype! If Asher was doing this shit, I wouldn't even post it. I really hope after this album , I really will be thanking him later.

I've said my peace, carry on.

p.s.I do love this pic of Drake though...hehe

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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