Drizzy Time! News Edition!

Hey Drake fans! Guess what! Drizzy's signed!!!!!!! About fucking time! Dude finally or shall I say officially joined Young Money and Cash Money Records and his distribution label is Universal Republic. Why not Universal Motown like Cudi? I don't know. But now that is all figured out time for Drake to get on his grizzly and drop the freakin' album!

But I will say this, these labels better not fuck with my dude Drizzy's money or anything related to him as a matter of fact! Wayne already suing people for mixtapes and shit and not just anybody, Wayne is like suing his own people! I have a weird feeling he might be the next Diddy when it comes to signing artists and shit. Don't fuck with Drake! Or I'm coming for you!

Congrats Drizzy! Now it's time to make history...I got my eye on you Wayne...

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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