Drizzy Time! Show Edition!...kinda.

So basically, Drake was suppose to do a show in the A at Club La-Rumba and due to poor management-it aint happening. Show is said to be postponed for a later date, that is to be announced. I had a feeling I shouldn't buy a ticket-so I didn't. Plus, my money does not stretch that long and I really want to see Cudi on Aug.2nd! I feel bad for the DJ's and promoters and everyone else who was involved. I know this was gonna be big for them and the ATL. Drizzy, this is not how you build bridges...it's how you burn them.

Straight from Facebook:
Due to Poor Management(HipHop Since 1978/Incomparable management) on the artist known as "Drake" behalf/circumstances beyond our control......

Next Thursday night's concert of Drake, has been postponed. Team Millionaires, Selfish Ent, Shanod Johnson, Major Figgaz, & King Kota June 11 concert/party "Best I ever had Drake Performing live: La Rumba" is to be rescheduled for a later date.

To uphold the integrity of the promoters listed and their events, we will provide the the signed and dated contracts by Drake's management for public viewing online. This link is provided below. Team Millionaires, Selfish Ent, Shanod Johnson, Major Figgaz, & King Kota WILL BE REFUNDING ALL TICKETHOLDERS MONEY IMMEDIATELY VIA METHOD OF PAYMENT.

The party is still scheduled to occur at La Rumba on June 11 and in place of Drake we will have another artist performing.

Again, we apologize for the inconvience to all 500+ ticket holders and all others looking forward to the concert.

The rescheduled information will be provided upon approval.


Doc.1 Doc.2

Cold-blooded! To anyone who planned on going to this event-it's not the promoters' or DJs' fault. So don't be mad at them! Shout out to Team Millionaires, they went to me high school! Dorsey-what's good?!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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