The Gospel According to Phive10...

For those of you who are growing continually bored with Es's blog posts, there is some exciting news. I'm here! That's right... the fashionable, intelligent, eclectic, and HUMBLE older sister you have all come to know & love through Es, is here to throw you out of the monotony and into my wonderful world of wonderfulness.

My name is Erica, but for all purposes blog related, you can call me 'Phive10'. "Phive10?" you ask, "What does it mean?" Why, I'm so glad you asked! See... what had happened was I wanted to start my own blog entitled "Tall Girls Don't Dance" and because I didn't want 'my partnah n'em' in my business, I created a pseudonym 'Five10' (which is my height, for those of you who took the short bus to school). I'm too lazy to actually keep up with a blog, so my junior sister (who blogs as much as she breathes) invited me to guest blog on her site. In order to follow proper Web etiquette, I joined Twitter, but this old ass lady took the name 'Five10' already, so my blackness allowed me to ghettofy my name to 'Phive10'.

But enough of that. Until I can find sufficient time to dedicate to blogging, I'll be delighting my lil sis's readers with random blog posts about fashion, education, love, science, and whatever the fuck else I wanna talk about. =)

So... kind people, tell me what you think and be nice to me or you'll regret it. I'm Nigerian and I got connects in the black magic game... That's all I'm gonna say. Oh yeah, and grab a dictionary before you read my posts... I use BIG words.



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