Happy Birthday To My Idol!!!

If there is anything you must know about me, it's that KanYe West is my idol! And that I'm Nigerian and proud and I'm addicted to all things sweet...especially cupcakes! June 8th was when this legend was born! He's the best!!!! I effin love this guy! If it wasn't for him being the person that he is, I wouldn't be half of the person that I am today! His music and visions have inspired me to be the unique individual that I am. No matter how many ppl clown, he remains 'Ye! Again, Happy Birthday 'Ye! I will eat a cupcake...or two...or three in celebration of ya birthday! Love ya!

Oh, and the pic...I though it was fitting for the occasion! It's looks like this will be his night tonight! lol

p.s.In 4 days, it's my famous sister, Erica, birthday! and I will do a post on it! Gemini''s, where you at? Even though it's all about them Libras!!!!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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