Boy Wonder-Idiot prod.Rieces Pieces & 100 Akres
First off, I would like to apologize to Boy Wonder, 100 Akres, and especially Rieces Pieces, for taking forever to do this review. Rieces Pieces personally hit me up with this song and to you I say...THANK YOUUUUUU! I really appreciate and love it when dope shit arrives in my Gmail Inbox! Makes my day that much brighter! Ok, now about the song.

People-I have a summer anthem! I loveeeee this song! I love Boy Wonder's sound! The production is very well done! I can like so relate to this song, it's not even funny! Like the whole thing about not having a job *points to self* and stuff-it's so me! And if I can relate to it, that means a lot of other people can, so I know many people will feel this song. Makes me wanna jump around and just run out the house and rebel! lol I love it! This is off of Boy Wonder's upcoming album 0seven0eight0nine which drops 07/08/09-how dope is that?! Very clever! Can't wait to hear more for Boy Wonder and producers Rieces Pieces & 100 Akres! People download and enjoy!!! Please download and support this great artist!....I effin' love this song!

Remember artists, if you want me to check out ya music, email me at and you might see it up here! ....might! lol But there's no harm in sending it to me b/c I will def have a listen to it!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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