Joe Budden...Up Close & Personal.

UP CLOSE & PERSONAL - JOE BUDDEN from Executive Nick on Vimeo.

I already saw this video when it dropped, but I'm posting it because when I watched it, my sister was with me. She is too much! She was pointing out the most random shit about it like,"He pronounces every word! He's so educated" Oh lord! lmao But we were kinda going back and forth on this whole "beef" between Joe and Method Man.

My thing is, what is Meth's problem. Joe didn't say"Yo, I can beat Meth's ass!" He basically said that he just wants to battle you.

My sister's thing was, Meth is so above Joe, why would he waste his time battling him.Kind true, but Joe is ill.Also, she was like,"And what is Busta's own problem?" This beef had nothing to do with him, his "reckless" comment as I would like to call it was so unnecessary. Why did he have to bring violence into the situation?

I don't know people, tell me what you think....

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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