Limo Time! Leak Edition!

Rich Hil-Burn In My Hell
*rocking out* Oh, excuse me...I was just enjoying this new Rich Hil dopeness! Guess Lil Wayne has this beat now, but Rich had it first. Kinda the same thing that happened with the Over Seas With It/All the Above beat.Why won't yall let Rich be great?! lol Anywho, Rich is really on his rock shit on this one. I realllllllyyyyyy like it! Like realllllyyyy love it! So Dear Dope Dealer, I have received and I have inhaled...dope shit. Burn in his hell and enjoy! Now back to rocking out. *puts song on repeat and continues to rock out*

Bonus high!

Preview : If You Aint Know - The Black Limo from The Famous Firm on Vimeo.

Here's a little preview of If You Aint Know off of Rich's debut album ,The Black Limo! I can't wait for this to drop! Hopefully I'll have a job by then...I'ma buy like 20 copies and just pass them out to everyone!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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