My Dope Dealers.

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People...I have a confession to make. It kills me that I haven't told yall yet, especially all 3 of my loyal readers(lol). I've done this my whole life...but recently, it's gotten real bad...but I like to think of it as something good. Ok, *inhales...exhales* here it goes.

I'm an addict! I'm a dope addict! I go crazy if I don't have some dope shit. I depend on it, it's the air that I breathe! People say I need help! Family says I need an intervention. But I can't stop, and I won't stop (Bad Boy! lol). But it's not my fault-I promise! Blame them *points down*

Dope Dealer #1: Kid Cudi
Says he's from the Moon...word is that he's just a kid from Cleveland. Dropped a supply of dope way back called A Kid Named Cudi. I was high for months off of that. Still got some of that dope shit under my bed. Ever since then, he's given us feens little doses of dope. Some of them where called Sky Might Fall, Daps&Pounds, 09 freestyle, and I Poke Her Face. Plans on dropping a huge supply called Man On the Moon:The End of Day all the way from Hawaii. I can't stop him, he's just getting started!

Dope Dealer #2:Rich Hil
Born in Conneticut...resides worldwide. He travels over seas with it. Claims to be just a hippie...but he's one of my main suppliers. Just gave the streets tons of dope. Called it The Lost Limos...there was three different doses! Each one of them, I get high off of. A shipment called the Black Limo is on its way but he'll give us more before than like The Smoked out Limos and Limos Costra Nostra. Without him, I'd be going through withdrawal.

Dope Dealer #3: cARTer
Originally from Houston....does his business out in LA now. People may not know he's one of my dealers but his shit is so smooth. Some of the best shit out there, other feens be sleeping on him. Crazy dose called The cARTer Family Reunion came out earlier this year. Shit was amazing! Legal Trapping will be his latest shipment....drops 6/27...yessssss! Told you he's a dealer! lol

Dope Dealer #4: Chip Tha Ripper
Straight outta Cleveland...runs with Moon Man Cudi too. That's how I got to know him. I get some dope shit here and there. Best supply was with DJ E-v called Money. Crazy shit! That straight good shit. Latest supply I've been getting high off of is his dose with Santigold called Anne's Plan off that Terry Urban, Southerngold shipment. Not sure when the next shipment is...but I'm ready for it.

Shhh...don't let everyone know I told you but if you want some dope shit to get high off of, check them out! I got some more dealers for you feens...but that's for another time.

*Note: dope, dope shit, getting high, doses, shipments, supply-all relates to some good ass music. The addicition of music is a good one. I don't do drugs...too scared to! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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